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It’s easy, it’s fun to share God’s Word!

Our passion is to equip Christian adults with relevant, fun, age appropriate, and hope-filled ways to share God’s word in everyday life with any child in your circle of influence.  Together we will explore why it is so important to be intentional about sharing God’s Word with the next generation of children…in the car, at the dinner table, or on rainy day adventures.  They need to hear God’s word.  And we will make sure You Can Tell The Children.

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A woman and two kids

An introduction to the Bible2School podcast ministry, You Can Tell the Children, where we explore why it’s so important to share God’s Word with the next generation.

Helping Our Children See Jesus

May 24, 2022

Bible Visuals International Executive Director, Tom Luttmann, shares how BVI is equiping ministries to help children see Jesus and practical tips for helping children see Jesus is our own homes.

How God is Working Through Praying Moms

May 17, 2022

Moms in Prayer International President, Sally Burke, shares how moms are making an impact through prayer!

Ways We Can Help Our Kids Be Passionate About Prayer

May 10, 2022

Bible2School teacher Leslie MeCarthy shares some fun and practical tips to engage our children in prayer.

The Impact of Prayer for our Nation and Leaders

May 3, 2022

William Graham shares experiences from decades of the Graham family praying with presidents to inspire prayer for our nation and leaders.

Why Intentionality Matters in the Life of a Child

April 26, 2022

Jonathan Pitts, father of four teen girls, unpacks the importance of being intentional in the life of a child.

Lee Nienhuis & Kori Pennypacker
4 Reasons to Volunteer

April 19, 2022

Kori & Lee uncover examples of thankfulness found in the Bible and share 5 ways to teach your kids about the importance of gratitude.

Headshot of Meredith Steidler
FUN Ways to Explain the Easter Story to Children

April 12, 2022

Explaining Easter to children can be difficult. In this episode, Meredith Steidler talks about FUN ways to explain Easter to kids of all ages.

Why Mentorship Matters in God’s Eyes

April 5, 2022

Patricia Engler from Answers in Genesis dives into mentorship and how valuable the relationship is for both the adult and the child.

Lee Nienhuis & Kori Pennypacker
Building Relationships to Start a Bible2School Program

March 29, 2022

Curious how to bring a Bible2School program to your community? In this episode, we unpack the importance of building a community team.

Building a Meaningful Life Through Big Questions

March 22, 2022

Scott Schimmel, President of The YouSchool, dives into the deep questions we can ask our kids to help them build a meaningful life.

Encouraging Creativity with Bible Story Skits

March 15, 2022

Bible2School teacher, Jody Grasser, talks about the power of engaging children’s creativity & imagination with skits to teach Bible stories.

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