Bible2School At Home

We are experts in engaging children with the Word of God and we help equip Christian adults to spread the Kingdom of God in everyday life with the children in their circle of influence. We’re happy to share our favorite resources and ideas to bring the fun of Bible2School right into your own home!

Bible2School’s CBA Cross

We LOVE to share the Gospel with children, and we make it fun and easy!  Click here for all of our Bible2School CBA Cross Resources.

Printable Prayer Cards

This resource comes from our friend, Laurie Christine! She created these helpful Printable Prayer Cards to help kids talk to God about their big feelings. Click here to get the resource.

Mother’s Day Devotional & Coloring Page

Our friends at Bible Visuals International have created this Mother’s Day Devotional & Coloring Page, ready for you to download and share in your family devotions. Click here to get the resource.

A girl holding a basket of plastic Easter eggs
Easter Egg Music Shakers

We must teach children how to worship and give them the tools to cultivate a worshipful life. So, grab your leftover plastic Easter eggs and make some joyful noise with your children by making these fun Music Shakers!  Click here to get the resource.

Thumbnail of At Home Resource - Be Kind Bingo
“Be Kind” Bingo

This resource comes from our friends at GEMS. Try this “Be Kind” Bingo to encourage your kids to think outside of the box for ways to spread kindness. Have fun! Click here to get the resource.

DNA is Everywhere

This resource comes from our friends at Answers in Genesis. Help your kids visually understand DNA through a fun science experiment. Click here to get the resource.

Instructions for the Candy Cane Craft & Lesson At Home Resource
Candy Cane Craft & Lesson

Help your kids make candy canes for their friends and teach them about Jesus at the same time! Click here to get the resource.

The cover of a child's devotional book.
A Story About Contentment

This resource comes from our friend, Laurie Christine, who writes devotional Bible stories for families and she recently created a story, Grumbling in the Desert, which is all about contentment. Click here to get the resource.

PDF of At Home Resource about forgiveness
Brick Activity: Forgiveness

This brick activity and guided conversation will help your child visually (and physically!) understand the weight of not forgiving others. Click here for the full instructions.

Fun lunchbox cards for child's lunches
Lunchbox Cards

Our friend, Jodie Berndt, has lots of great resources about praying Scriptures over the children in our life. This one is one of our favorites that is sure to inspire your kids when they’re away at school. Check them out!

At Home Resource Science Experiment
Balloon Science Experiment

This fun science experiment helps kids understand the question, “Who will you put first?” by creating a relevant story and a visual reminder. Click here for the full instructions.

CPYU Resource - Ad Filtering Questions
CPYU’s Simple Seven Ad Filtering Questions

Use this guide, from CPYU, to talk to your kids about how to filter the ad messages they are exposed to. Click here for the helpful resource.

Faith Bracelet

As Christ-followers, we should proudly show our faith to others! It’s important to talk to your kids about ways they can show others that they believe in God, like wearing this Faith Bracelet. Click here for the full instructions.


Did you know, you can use the word PRAY as an acronym to remember the four types of prayer? Use this resource as a guide to walk your kids through the important parts of a prayer. Click here for full instructions.

Thumbnail of the Airplane, Rocket, Cross! At Home Resource
Airplane, Rocket, Cross!

Explaining to children how we can get to Heaven can be challenging. Use this resource to help them understand the magnitude of the cross.  Click here for full instructions.

PDF of Bible Story Skit Instructions
Bible Story Skit

Get your children’s creative juices flowing! Create a skit using things in your home and act out a Bible story. Then send it to us, because we want to see how creative your kiddos are! Click here for full instructions.

Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share the concept of loving others with your children!  Make a Valentine’s Day card for your child to give to someone they want to show love to.  Click here for full instructions.

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