Episode 82: What is Lent?

Are you familiar with the season of Lent? According to a recent survey, while 7 in 10 Americans celebrate Easter, only 16% will partake in the Lent tradition this year. So what’s the big deal? Listen in as Bible2School Area Coordinator, Bruce Ratliff, talks about Lent as a journey to joy. Together we’ll unpack how preparing our hearts for Easter through the practice of Lent can draw us and our families closer to our Lord and Savior.

Ready to hear how Lent isn’t just about giving UP, but about giving TO? Let’s go….

BRUCE RATLIFF is an Area Coordinator with Bible2School and loves being a part of this ministry that shares Jesus with our children. Bruce and his wife, Kathy, live in Millersville, PA, and love spending their free time going on adventures with their grandchildren, Zooey, 7, and Teddy, 5. Bruce is Ordained in the Church of the Nazarene and currently serving the Salvation Army as Coordinator for New Beginnings, a transitional housing program for men in addiction recovery.

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