Advent Prophecy Cards

A New Advent Tradition

Looking for a more meaningful Advent tradition that doesn’t include candy or gifts? Check out our Advent Prophecy Cards — a unique way of celebrating Jesus’ life each day in December.

This Christmas season, help your children believe that the Bible is true and reliable by giving them 23 amazing examples of fulfilled prophecies. Did you know that Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophecies? In fact, the probability that someone could fulfill just eight of these prophecies is one in 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000! That’s amazing, and just proves that He is our Savior!

By the foretelling of persons, places, and events — sometimes hundreds of years in advance — we can trust that Scripture is true and that God has a plan for this world. As we prepare to remember the birth of Jesus, let us enter into this season with awe at how He was revealed to us so long ago, and how He fulfilled what the prophets foretold about Him. Truly, He is the Son of God, our Promised Messiah — and the reason for the season!

Materials Needed

  • Prophecy cards, cut out and stacked in order by date (see download)
  • Fulfilled Prophecies sheet (see download)
  • Bible
  • Christmas tin (optional)
  • 23 Envelopes (optional)
Thumbnails of the Advent Prophecy Cards resource

Download the 9-Page FREE Resource

This 9-page downloadable resource includes instructions, a guided conversation example, prophecy cards, and the fulfilled prophecy answer sheet. Have fun!


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