Headshot of Meredith Steidler

Why Do You Talk To God?

Episode 12

September 21, 2021

‘How do we talk to God?’ Our children are curious about prayer and have lots of ideas of what prayer is. Our Bible2School team member, Meredith Steidler, loves to introduce children to prayer with fun and engaging ways they really connect with. Ready to hear Meredith’s fun tips on introducing a child to prayer? Let’s go….

MEREDITH STEIDLER is a wife and mom to 3 kiddos ages 12, 10 and 9. She adores waterfalls and sunsets, kayaking, running, biking and reading – anything that gets her closer to the beauty of God’s amazing creation. She also loves coffee and morning quiet time with Jesus. Meredith works part time for a financial adviser and directs Bible2School for two schools in the Manheim Township School District (Lancaster, PA).