Transforming the World through Mentorship

Episode 78

February 14, 2023

Have you ever heard of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes? Or, maybe you’ve heard it called “FCA”. This ministry has been around for more than 65 years & has spread to over 100 countries! Their mission is to reach every coach and athlete with the gospel of Jesus Christ, beginning in the 5th grade! It’s mentorship in sport form, and today, we get to introduce you to one of Bible2School’s partners, by way of their Mid-Atlantic FCA director, Chris Rich. You get to hear a bit about his own journey with FCA, relish with us in some awesome God stories, and learn how to connect with an FCA near you!
Ready to hear how we can see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches & athletes? Let’s go….

CHRIS RICH was born and raised in Frederick, MD.  An avid sports fan, he grew up playing football and basketball, and continued his football career at Grove City College in Pennsylvania.  After college, he began his journey with FCA as a Local Area Representative, then moved into the Frederick County, MD Director role.  Upon moving to Pennsylvania, he served as the PA State Director and now is honored to serve at the regional level.  He and his wife Johanna, currently live in Pennsylvania with their 2 boys, Blake and Carter.

“My vision for FCA is something that we could only do together. We want to see athletes and coaches rise up and be Spiritual Leaders in their community. We know that Leaders shape culture and culture creates the next generation of leaders. We believe that if we can reach the heart of the coach and help him/her develop a healthy team culture we will see young men and women come out of sports and influence the world for Jesus Christ.”