The Sanctity of Life – A Story of Beauty From Ashes

Episode 75

January 24, 2023

In April of 2010, Janae and Rodney Hostetter received devastating news. At only 12 weeks pregnant, they learned their baby girl had a severe birth defect called Anencephaly. This birth defect made their daughter “incompatible with life.” They were told she would likely die a few minutes after being born. Janae and Rodney knew this child was a gift from God, so they quickly declined the option of abortion. Even though they did not see their daughter — Aliyah Joy — healed on this side of Heaven, they did see God begin to write a powerful redemptive story over her short life. Ready to hear how God uses this story for His glory and Kingdom purposes on Earth? Let’s go!

JANAE HOSTETTER is passionate about seeing an end to abortion. She has the privilege of serving on the board for Align Life Ministries with her husband who shares this same passion. Align Life is a gospel-centered ministry that provides pregnancy services and resources to families across Lancaster and Lebanon Counties in Pennsylvania. Rodney and Janae live in Ephrata, Pennsylvania and Janae enjoys being a stay-at- home mom to their four children ages 10, 8, 6 and 4.