The Gender of Bones

Episode 73

January 10, 2023

Today it’s as if you’re entering into a forensics lab with Dr. Jenn Rivera, as she helps you uncover the truth that science confirms the Bible! Did you know that biological gender is visible through our skeleton? How amazing it is to look at our bones and see God’s design and forethought! Lean in as Jenn talks about two key bones that reflect and confirm what we see in God’s Word…that He made us male and female!

Ready to dig into science and learn something new? … Let’s go….

JENNIFER HALL RIVERA serves as Director of Educational Programs for Answers in Genesis and is a forensic science educator, speaker, and author.  She presents daily and develops top notch educational programs. Her experience in the field of forensic science includes employment in a crime scene unit, over a decade of teaching, journal publications, and numerous speaking events.