Headshot of Mo Aiken

How to Fully Know and be Known by God

Episode 16

October 19, 2021

Kids ask the BEST questions! We hear questions like, “Does God know who I am?” “Do I truly know who God is?” and “How do I learn about Him?” Today’s guest, New York Times bestselling author Mo Aiken, will help us tackle how to fully know and be known by God.

Ready to dive in and learn from Mo’s faith-deepening experiences? Let’s go!

MO (ISOM) AIKEN is a New York Times bestselling author, a nationally sought-after speaker, and a powerful voice rising up for her generation. In her younger years, she was an All-American goalkeeper for the LSU Women’s Soccer team and the first female to train with and try out for an SEC men’s football team. Her life was riddled with great personal tragedy – including battling an eating disorder, overcoming the suicide of her father, struggling with promiscuity, and surviving a horrific car accident. But by the grace of God, alone, she encountered the love and mercy of Jesus – the Great Deliverer and the One who makes all things new. She is now a Holy Spirit-filled daughter of God who isn’t afraid to speak bold, raw, courageous Truth to a generation being crushed under the weight of their sin, their circumstances and the lies of the enemy.

She has the incredible privilege of communicating by authoring books and blogs, speaking all across the country, and engaging the masses on social media. Her three books Wreck My Life: Journeying from Broken to Bold and Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot and Fully Known: An Invitation to True Intimacy with God have reached tens of thousands of people worldwide and her messages of hope, transformation and timely, Holy Spirit-lead revelation have been featured on countless other platforms.

She is a wife to Jeremiah, two spunky daughters—Auden and Asher—and two feisty and sweet sons—Ronan and Elijah. Atlanta, GA is home base for her family.