Headshot of Justin Kleiner

Growing Faith Through School Sports

Episode 10

September 7, 2021

Score! From participating in youth leagues to watching sports heroes on TV, sports of all varieties can have an influence in our child’s lives. Today we’re talking with Justin Kleiner from Fellowship of Christian Athletes, whose mission is sharing Jesus through sports. Ready to hear how we can use the playing field as a mission field in our public schools? Let’s go….

JUSTIN KLEINER is a Multi-Area Director for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He oversees eight counties in South Central Pennsylvania. Throughout his life, he has been greatly impacted by many coaches he had growing up, with the most influential one being his father, both on and off the field.

While growing up, he competed in numerous sports. His favorite was soccer, which he played into my college years until a knee injury ended his career. He has always had a passion for sports and knows the impact that athletics can have on someone’s life. He is now able to combine this passion with the opportunity to build a strong, Godly foundation built on Biblical truths in the lives of young men and women through FCA.