God Wants Us to Be a Good Steward & a Cheerful Giver

Episode 30

February 8, 2022

In this episode, we talk with Megan Risser, Donor Engagement Officer & Marketing Manager at Bible2School, about something she is passionate about – stewardship and putting others first! She gets personal about why this is so near and dear to her heart and the inspiration behind it in her life.

Megan believes that stewardship touches every part of our lives and that it’s never too early to start talking to our kids about our generosity and how it brings glory to God. Since stewardship is so much more than just money, Megan gives practical examples of how we can start teaching this concept to our kids early on and why it’s so important to be a cheerful giver.

For more information on teaching the kids in your life about stewardship and the importance of putting others first, check out our blog How to Teach Your Kids to be Good Stewards.

MEGAN RISSER serves as Bible2School’s Donor Engagement Officer & Marketing Manager. In her role, Megan cares for our donors, structures our marketing focus, and develops resources like our blog and podcast. She enjoys building relationships in the community and developing engaging content to help get the word out about our mission!

Megan lives in Lititz with her husband, Mark, and son, Nolan. She enjoys volunteering in the kids ministry at her church, spending time with her family, traveling, hiking, and gardening.