Headshot of Jamie Ivey

God Made You to be You

Episode 17

October 26, 2021

Has a child in your life asked, “Why did God make me the way I am?” Our guest today, blogger, podcaster, and author Jamie Ivey, will unpack why it’s important to teach children about their identity in Christ early in their life. We’re so excited about the truths in her new book, God Made You to Be You!

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JAMIE IVEY loves creating things that help people believe the truths about who God made them to be. She does this mostly through her popular podcast, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, and through multiple books geared towards women. Now she’s taking this passion to a younger generation in her new book, God Made You to Be You. As a momma to four kids, she knows the value in kids learning at a young age that God made them to be themselves! Her whole family plus two dogs live in Austin, Texas, and they all love to visit the West Texas desert as often as possible! ​