Fear Not! The Truth about Climate Change

Episode 87

April 18, 2023

Have you heard conversations about global warming and wondered if this is something to be concerned about? Our guest today, Jessica Jaworski, is from Answers in Genesis where she enjoys teaching environmental science and biology in labs and Explore Programs at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. She talks about our awesome God who is the author and sustainer of all things, and discusses the top 5 reasons we don’t have to be afraid of climate change! 

Ready to hear how climate change points to God’s goodness? Let’s go…

JESSICA JAWORSKI holds a master of science degree in wildlife ecology. She formerly worked as a research scientist and wildlife biologist with a focus on birds and has worked in the field of environmental science as an environmental technician and educator. Jessica also enjoys drone technology and is a certified commercial drone pilot. She serves as an Education Specialist for Answers in Genesis.