Episode 121: When Your Child and Their Teacher Disagree about Christmas

Hopefully you’re already immersed in the joy of the Christmas season and well on your way to completing your shopping lists…but are you ready for the conversations that may come up this time of year between your child and their school teacher? 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas, yet it seems many do not know their legal lane in the public school setting when it comes to expressing faith during the holidays.

In this episode, Kori & Lee discuss how you can kindly educate others about the religious rights children have in public school and how to voice their beliefs well. 

Are you ready to hear how your kids can legally proclaim that Jesus is the reason for the season in their classroom? Let’s go!

KORI PENNYPACKER has served with Bible2School since 2011. Kori oversees the mission of Bible2School and Engagement by speaking to businesses, churches, and community leaders on the topic of the importance of spiritual training for elementary age children in our communities, especially those who are not able to attend church. She loves inviting people into the Bible2School Team as valued Members, Volunteers, and Donors. Kori lives in Lititz with her husband, Blaine, and has three sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing tennis, and volunteering with her husband to mentor engaged couples at her church.

LEE NIENHUIS is a coffee drinker, friend maker, and loud laugher. She is an author, Bible teacher, podcaster and communications consultant. Lee has a heart for the global church, and has recently joined Live Global, a team who supports, trains and equips believers worldwide. Lee lives with her handsome, hardworking husband, Mike, at Grace Adventures, a Christian Camp and Training Center in West Michigan. They have four great kids who make her need Jesus. And she says, “That’s a good thing.”


Gateways to Better Education website

Religious Expression in Public Schools – PDF from the U.S. Department of Education’s Guidance on Constitutionally Protected Prayer and Religious Expression in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools

John 3:16 – Eternal Life

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