Episode 133: What Is Truth?

Elizabeth Urbanowicz, Founder & CEO of Foundation Worldview, says that before we can introduce our children to who God is, they have to understand that truth is objective. This is the reason Elizabeth authored the book, “What Is Truth?” with a target audience of preschoolers and their families. In this interview we discuss the importance of truth and how to practically teach it to the kids in our lives no matter what their age. You’ll leave this conversation feeling confident that you CAN train the kids in your lives to be apologetics who stand on the Word of God!

Ready to learn how to teach children to discern truth? Let’s go!

ELIZABETH URBANOWICZ is a follower of Jesus who is passionate about equipping kids to understand the truth of the biblical worldview. Elizabeth spent the first decade of her professional career teaching elementary students at a Christian school. After completing her M.A. in Christian Apologetics at Biola University, Elizabeth started Foundation Worldview, an organization that helps Christian adults equip children to carefully evaluate every idea and understand the truth of the biblical worldview.


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