Episode 39: FUN Ways to Explain the Easter Story to Children

Easter is a celebration of Jesus conquering death so we can be with Him in Heaven one day. This can be a challenging story for some kids to grasp, especially the crucifixion. Do you know how to explain the Easter story to the kids in your life? We’re here to help!

In this podcast episode, we chat with our friend Meredith Steidler and explore FUN ways to explain Easter to kids of all ages. We also reference a few helpful and engaging resources that you can use at home to make it easier! Have you heard of Resurrection eggs? This is an engaging way to tell kids about the Easter story while tying in the cultural tradition of Easter eggs. Don’t miss this fun and helpful episode!

Ready … Let’s go….

MEREDITH STEIDLER is a wife and mom to 3 kiddos ages 12, 10 and 9. She adores waterfalls and sunsets, kayaking, running, biking, and reading – anything that gets her closer to the beauty of God’s amazing creation. She also loves coffee and morning quiet time with Jesus. Meredith works part-time for a financial adviser and directs Bible2School for two schools in the Manheim Township School District (Lancaster, PA).

Resources For You:

  • CBA Cross
  • Resurrection Eggs on Amazon
  • Airplane Cross
  • Matthew 21:5
  • Luke 23

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