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We are experts in engaging children with the Word of God and we help equip Christian adults to spread the Kingdom of God in everyday life with the children in their circle of influence. Browse our blog for resources and tips to help guide you!

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Being a Safe Place to Talk About Difficult Topics with Your Kids

Kids are going to ask tough questions, so it’s important we make them feel comfortable. In this blog, we review some ways of how to be a safe place for kids to talk about difficult topics.

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Encouraging Our Kids to Dream Big, God-Sized Dreams

It’s important to encourage our kids to dream big dreams WITH God to help live out the life He created them for. This blog explores a few ways to help encourage our kids to dream big, God-sized dreams.

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5 Ways to Help Kids Build Self Confidence this Summer

As parents, it’s our duty to help guide our children through every step of their life and help build their confidence in God and in themselves. In this blog, we outline 5 practical tips to help kids build their confidence.

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Tips to Help Your Kids Lead Their Friends to Christ

Part of our role as Christian parents is to equip our kids to share the gospel. However, many parents get stuck on HOW to do this because this can be a difficult and intimidating topic even for adults. In this blog, we provide tips to help your kids lead their friends to Jesus Christ, including free downloadable resources.

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How to Teach Your Kids to be Good Stewards

Stewardship is an important concept to teach kids early on in their lives. Learn why and examples of ways to help teach the importance of being good stewards to your kids for God’s kingdom.

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How to Disciple Your Kids in a Fun & Engaging Way

As parents, we have the amazing privilege and unique opportunity to share the love of Christ to our children and guide them towards a life that includes Jesus! In this blog, we outline a few ideas of ways to disciple kids in a fun and engaging way.


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How to Create a God-Honoring Home

Every home gives off a certain feeling when you walk into it — and most people want their homes to feel peaceful and inviting. So, how can we be intentional about creating a God-honoring home? In this blog, we outline a few ideas to help bring your faith to life inside the walls of your home.

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3 Important Life Questions Kids Ask

There are 3 questions we hear most often from children in our program — and they are deep life questions that all point to God’s Word! They are: “Where do I come from?”, “What’s My Purpose?”, and “What Happens After I Die?”  In this blog, we unpack HOW to answer them in the best way for children.

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