Bible2School CBA Cross

We LOVE to share the Gospel with children, and we make it fun and easy!  The Bible2School CBA Cross is our children’s favorite resource and we want to share it with you, so in turn you can share the Gospel easily with the child in your circle of influence.

Download the CBA Resource

Click below and we’ll send you our children’s favorite resource – the Bible2School CBA Cross (in printable form)!

How to Use the CBA Cross

Our tutorial on folding and using the CBA cross makes using it with your child easy and fun!

CBAs in Action

Colson and his mom share how he used the CBAs to lead a friend to Christ…on the school bus!

Purchase CBA Crosses

Durable and laminated, these CBA Crosses will be a tool you and your child can use again and again!  Priced right to purchase for giveaways.

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