When Kids Ask Tough Questions, like “What Happens After I Die?”

Episode 33

March 1, 2022

It’s no secret that kids are thinkers, and they can ask tough questions that might leave us speechless. At Bible2School, there are three questions we hear the most from kids. One of them is “What happens after I die?”

Stephanie Smith, Bible2School’s Director of Operations, is a former teacher and helped write our curriculum for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. She has experience with answering these tough questions and she unpacks some important topics that might come along with this deep question, such as “What is Heaven like?” and “What does this mean for living life now?”

As parents and caretakers, it’s important to understand that it’s ok if we can’t immediately answer a tough question. Fortunately, we’ve been given a great resource — the Bible — to point them to! Curious about the other 2 questions we hear the most? Check out our blog 3 Important Life Questions Kids Ask.

Ready for some inspiration? Let’s go…

STEPHANIE SMITH is Bible2School’s Director of Operations, keeping everything running smoothly so more children can hear about Jesus! She is a former teacher and leads Bible2School’s Curriculum Team in developing lessons that are Christ-centered, age appropriate, and fun!

Steph is married to her husband, Jeff, and together they have three daughters who are all Bible2School alumni. The family loves to camp and travel together. Steph is also a musician, playing at church and with the Lancaster Marimba Ensemble in addition to teaching percussion at the local high school.