Ways We Can Help our Kids Be Passionate About Prayer

Episode 43

May 10, 2022

Kids ask lots of good questions about prayer, like “Why do you talk to God?” and “Does He answer prayer?” Today we’re talking to Leslie McCarthy, a Bible2School teacher and who is passionate about prayer! She’ll introduce us to practical ways to talk about and incorporate prayer with the children in our circle of imfluence and even has a prayer challenge for us!

Ready to be inspired from Leslie’s passion about prayer? Let’s go….

LESLIE MCCARTHY is one of our Bible2School teachers and loves teaching Biblical truth to 3rd graders! She lives in Manheim, PA with her husband and 3 children. Leslie also has a passion for artwork and enjoys painting in her spare time! Her love of painting is a result of the inspiration she finds in her family, her friends, her faith, places she’s traveled, and stories she’s heard.