Kids, The Bible & Silly Songs

Episode 64

October 25, 2022

Our guest today, Fred McNaughton (known as Phredd), has been with one of our local Christian radio stations since 1984! Early in his career, Phredd discovered that kids didn’t really know how to worship, because they were never taught! Knowing that the “joy of the Lord is our strength” and raising 8 children of his own, Phredd set out to change this using the talents God entrusted to him.

Phredd will tell you that laughter brings down walls and helps us to connect – and today he will share with you some of the songs that have helped him do this, and in turn have helped the next generation know how to worship with their whole being.

Ready to hear how laughter and fun teaches our children to worship? Let’s go…

FRED MCNAUGHTON is the morning show host and station manager of Central PA’s Christian Radio Station WJTL. Fred is also the Children’s Performer, “Phredd”. For the past 25+ years Phredd has been writing, producing and performing joyful, happy music for kids and families. His songs “Awooga”, “Don’t Take Your Dog To Church”, “Floating Zoo”, “The Coffee Song” and “My Mom is a Pirate” are favorites on the Kids Cookie Break (Saturday mornings on WJTL with host Lisa Landis) and staples of the 50+ Phredd shows performed every year at schools, churches, libraries, camps & other events. In addition to performing his own shows, Phredd is also a member of Steven Courtney and the Suitcase Musicians. Steven Courtney and Phredd are songwriting partners that have created many family favorites over the years including “42 Monkeys”, “Elmer’s Electric Tricycle” and “Jump For Jesus”. Fred’s current performance incarnation is PHREDD UKULELE ONE MAN BAND – Ukulele Flailing, Harmonica Wailing, Suitcase Drumming, Kazoo Hum-Humming, Ukulele Bundle of Joy!

Fred and his wife Sharon live in Mount Joy, PA. They have 8 grown children and 7 grandchildren.