Helping Our Children See Jesus

Episode 45

May 24, 2022

Helping children see Jesus is what our partner, Bible Visuals International, is all about! We’re going to hear from Tom Luttmann, Bible Visuals International’s Executive Director, about how they support the efforts of ministries who evangelize and disciple children, and how we can apply the lessons they have learned from ministry partners in our own homes.

Ready to be inspired by this dynamic ministry? Let’s go….

TOM LUTTMANN has served as Executive Director of Bible Visuals International since 2010. He is originally from Nova Scotia, Canada and maintains a love of the history and culture of the Maritimes. Before coming to BVI, Tom served in Christian education as a teacher and textbook author. Besides serving with BVI, Tom is a Good News Club teacher with CEF and serves on the board of Manheim Township Bible2School. He and his wife Betsy have five children and reside in Neffsville, Pennsylvania.