God’s Call to Care for the Orphans

Episode 76

January 31, 2023

Continuing on in the January theme of Sanctity of Life, today we hear from Tyler & Monica Herr about their journey of obedience to the Lord through the foster care system.  A Lymphoma diagnosis pushed biological children out of their minds – but also started more serious conversations and prayer about foster care. Listen to how God guides and winds them on an unexpected adventure towards adoption. He is faithful, and He is our Redeemer!

Ready to be challenged by God’s command to care for the poor and orphaned through the Herr’s journey? Let’s go!

TYLER & MONICA HERR entered the world of foster care in 2017. Tyler is a middle school math and science teacher and Monica is a registered nurse, working as a case manager for a neurological recovery program. They have a passion for foster care and adoption and believe it is an opportunity to live out the Gospel.