Why This Matters

kids need to hear Biblical Truth!

We believe that kids NEED to hear Biblical truth, especially in today’s culture. They are bombarded with so many things on a daily basis that have the potential to impact them negatively. Bible2School is offered to kids in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade because that is the age their brains start to develop morals and values and their thinking goes from concrete to abstract. In fact, kids at this age often ask big, life questions. Thanks to the national released time rulings, we can help these kids learn about God’s love for them DURING their public school day!

How pressing is the need for Biblical truth for our children? We believe there is an urgency, and here’s why…

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of the United States is not regularly connected to a church (140 million people). Source

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6 hours

is the average time children engage daily with social media. Source

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of people became a Christian between the ages of 4-14. Source

Bible2School is impacting children and families!

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Average of Bible2School participants not regularly connected to a church

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Parents who shared they started attending church because their child attended Bible2School

See Lives Changed Through Bible2School!

We thrive on Godstories — little glimpses of God working through the children in our programs. Since 60% of the children in our programs do not regularly attend a church, many of the kids are hearing about God for the first time. Check out just a few of our favorite Godstories below.

“I’m very glad that Bible2School exists because I never would have accepted God into my life because I probably would have never heard about Him!”

“Wait, there’s a heaven? There’s really a heaven?!”

“I want to take good notes because my Dad wants to know how to trust in God!”

“Monday is my favorite day of the week because I get to come to Bible2School!”

Adult assiting a child with a craft

“Let’s come back here next week and talk about God some more!”