Who We Are

What We Believe
Our Core Values

SAFETY | Provide our children safety physically, spiritually and emotionally

  • Physically: All Bible2School staff and volunteers comply with state background check requirements. We then train our team members in security measures to keep our children physically safe.
  • Spiritually: We provide spiritual safety by ensuring that children are in a safe place to ask tough questions throughout their learning process in small group time spent with classmates and mentors.
  • Emotionally: Bible2School leaders are required to attend their Bible2School elective every week. They are trained to promote an environment where children will be accepted and valued.

CHRIST-CENTEREDNESS | Point our children to Jesus with every Bible lesson

  • Each week, we help children understand who Jesus is in the context of the lesson: how much He loves them, that He has a plan for them and that He has given their lives purpose.

AGE-APPROPRIATENESS | Teach the Bible on our children’s grade level

  • We seek to meet children at their level when learning about the Bible. Our curriculum is written for each grade level so that children will have the best advantage in learning the morals and values of God’s Word.

RELEVANCE | Keep lessons real so that truths are applicable to our children’s lives

  • We teach our children that the Bible is filled with timeless truths that are applicable today in every aspect of their lives.

RELATIONAL | Value our community

  • We keep our community at the forefront of our classes by cultivating a strong Body of Christ. We value each child’s story that they bring to their class and seek to encourage one another through the Bible2School community.

FUN | Teach in order to make learning the Bible exciting

  • We strive to make Bible2School the best hour of our children’s week. We seek to make our lessons so fun that they cannot wait to come back to hear more about the Bible!
Our Belief

Bible2School is committed to serving children attending public school with excellence and integrity, using the Bible alone as our foundation and highest authority. We believe that salvation comes through God’s grace by faith alone in Jesus Christ, and our response to God’s salvation is a life lived for His glory with the help of the Holy Spirit.  

We accept those areas of doctrinal teaching on which, historically, there have been general agreement among Bible-believing Christians. Because we are non-denominational, we desire to allow for freedom of conviction on other doctrinal matters.

Read our full Statement of Faith here.

our journey


  • In 1979, a group of pastors known as the Manheim Ministerium made the decision to utilize the newly amended Section 1546 of the Pennsylvania School Code which allows children to be released from public school for training of their choice.
  • Under the Manheim Central Christian Education Council, over one hundred fifth-graders from all seven of Manheim Central School District’s elementary schools attended weekly Released Time Bible classes. Classes were held at the closest participating churches and bus transportation was provided for classes that had no church within walking distance of the school.


  • More than 40 years later, Bible2School still provides weekly released time Bible classes for elementary students in Lancaster County and is now expanding nationwide through Bible2School Memberships.
  • A Bible2School Membership is a subscription-based, franchise model designed to help you activate a Bible2School program in your own local school.  We will come along side you by equipping you with resources, curriculum and more to implement this dynamic program and mobilize your community. Together, we can meet children where they are with the love and hope of the Gospel.


  • We at Bible2School have a sense of urgency coupled with a calling from God to reach children attending public school who otherwise do not have access to God’s Word. We need your help to connect with churches and organizations, to find more financial partners and to assemble volunteer teams. What an amazing day it will be when every child attending public school will have the opportunity to hear God’s Word through a Bible elective! We can’t wait to see what God will do next through Bible2School.
Our Team
Our Leadership

We believe that ministry is a team sport and that every role is critical in fulfilling the vision and mission of Bible2School. Our courageous leaders use their talents to honor and serve God with consistent excellence. They oversee our passionate teams of volunteers and donors with guidance that maximizes our impact for His Kingdom.

Our Board of Directors

The executive board of Bible2School consists of business leaders from financial organizations, education institutions and nonprofit organizations. Our board members combined have 100 years experience on executive boards, 70 years experience as business leaders and 21 years experience in church leadership. They direct Bible2School operations with wisdom and expertise in order to expand the organization for God’s Kingdom.

  • Donna Nicholson Stief – Board President; Executive Director, CCO of Credit Bureau of Lancaster County, INC
  • Steve Hershey – Board Member; former Secretary of National Dairy Herd Information Association
  • Gerald Hoover – Board Member; former leader in Mennonite Disaster Service
  • Nicole Lehman- Interim Board Vice President; Associate General Counsel, Penn State University
  • William Wells – Board Member; Teacher Assistant at Wickersham Elementary School, Local Pastor at Lighthouse Outreach Ministries
  • Doug Hall – Board Member; Paul B Zimmerman, Inc.


Our Strategic Growth Team consists of talented professionals who provide advice, wisdom and expertise to the overall Bible2School program as it relates to our strategic growth efforts. These members advise Bible2School leaders on networking, marketing, advertising, public relations, trends and success while building sustainable funding and support of the program. They meet on a regular basis and are a strategic backbone for the success of our organization.

KORI PENNYPACKER – Bible2School Executive Director

TIM BARLEY – Director of Expansion, LCBC

J RODNEY GARBER – President, Garber Self Storage

RYAN HESS – Partner, Benchmarq Homes

GREG LAPP – Co-Owner/CFO, Lapp Electrical Services, Inc.

MARK TIPTON – Director of Strategic Services, Burgard Design Group


Our Finance Team is made up of experts in the fields of business, accounting and investment. These professionals lend advice, wisdom and expertise to the overall Bible2School financial health and budget. They are committed to establishing long-term financial plans that will propel Bible2School’s mission to success.

KORI PENNYPACKER – Bible2School Executive Director

DOUG BYERS – SVP, Southcentral Market Executive, First Citizens Community Bank

DON DEHART – SVP, Consumer Sales Manager Fulton Bank

        DOUG HALL – Bible2School Board Member

SCOTT MOYER – Managing Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

TOM WELK – SVP, Operations Manager at Centric Bank


Our Curriculum Team is a diverse group of teachers, pastors and board members. Their primary responsibility is to review and revise our curriculum as it pertains to our core values: safe, Christ-centered, age-appropriate, relevant, relational and fun. The group looks to incorporate the best educational practices into each lesson so that every child in our program is optimally engaged. The team’s passion is to plant the seeds of Biblical truths in young lives and help those truths be applied to real life.

STEPHANIE SMITH – Bible2School Assistant Director

BRAD ALLEN – Bible2School Teacher

TIM HERITAGE – Interim Pastor

ERICA RINGLER – Bible2School Teacher


Our Human Resources Team lends professional advice, wisdom and expertise to the overall Bible2School program as it relates to Human Resources needs. These experts assist with preparation of HR documents and policies necessary for Bible2School as an employer.

STEPHANIE SMITH – Bible2School Assistant Director

DONNA NICHOLSON STIEF – Executive Director, CCO, Credit Bureau of Lancaster County, Inc, Legislative Chairman, Mid-Atlantic Collectors Association, Bible2School Board President

NICOLE LEHMAN -B2S Interim Vice President, Associate General Counsel, Penn State University

ANGELA HAVICE – Human Resources, Brubaker Inc.

COREY VOEGELE – Human Resources, Quarryville Presbyterian Retirement Community


Our Prayer Team supports Bible2School by lifting up students, teachers, volunteers and organization leaders through prayer and intercession based on the truths of the Bible. The members of the Prayer Team are available to pray for Bible2School needs between meetings for urgent and time sensitive matters.


STEVE HERSHEY – Bible2School Board Member

GERALD HOOVER – Bible2School Board Member






STEPHANIE SMITH – Bible2School Assistant Director

WILLIAM WELLS – Bible2School Board Member




Our Administration Team assists the Bible2School staff with preparing mailings, promotional materials and events. They provide crucial support for Bible2School’s mission as needs arise.

LIZ EPRIGHT – Bible2School Site Director




Our Event Team develops, plans and organizes the details of our large fundraising events. They recruit and manage volunteers in order to best support Bible2School through these events.

KORI PENNYPACKER – Bible2School Executive Director

CARRIE HESS – Bible2School Executive Administrator

LIZ EPRIGHT – Bible2School Site Director

STEPHANIE SMITH – Bible2School Assistant Director and Education Director


Our Craft Teams support the program volunteers by cutting, counting and assembling all the materials needed for our students to complete crafts that coincide with lessons. Their efforts help our programs run smoothly and efficiently. These teams embody our core value of fun at their monthly meetings, visiting with each other while lending their skills to further the impact of Bible2School beyond our electives and into the sphere of influence our children have with their friends and families.



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