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Apollo-Ridge School District
Apollo-Ridge Elementary

Armstrong School District
West Hills Primary

Conemaugh Township Area School District
Conemaugh Township Elementary

Conemaugh Valley School District
Conemaugh Valley Elementary

Columbia School District
Park Elementary

Cornwall Lebanon School District
South Lebanon Elementary

Donegal School District
Donegal Interemediate
Donegal Primary

Elizabethtown Area School District
East High Street Elementary
Bear Creek Elementary

Forest Hills School District
Forest Hills Elementary

Greater Johnstown School District
Greater Johnstown Elementary

Ligonier Valley School District
Laurel Valley Elementary
R. K. Mellon Elementary

Manheim Central School District
Baron Elementary
Doe Run Elementary

Manheim Township School District
Bucher Elementary
Neff Elementary
Nitrauer Elementary
Reidenbaugh Elementary
Schaeffer Elementary

North Star School District
North Star Elementary

Penn Manor School District
LeTort Elementary
Central Manor Elementary
Conestoga Elementary
Eshleman Elementary
Pequea Elementary

Richland School District
Richland Elementary

School District of Lancaster
Burrowes Elementary
Carter & MacRae Elementary
Fulton Elementary
Hamilton Elementary
King Elementary
Price Elementary
Smith-Wade-El Elementary
Washington Elementary
Wickersham Elementary

Westmont Hilltop School District
Westmont Hilltop Elementary

Bible2School provides free elective Bible classes to children attending public school during their school day.  Classes are typically 40-60 minutes long.  Your child will walk or be bused to a nearby church or partner location for class.  Trained volunteers engage the children in Bible learning.  The truth taught from the Bible will inspire hope in their lives.
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Classes offered

Bible2School’s lessons are contagious! One parent shared, “He has come home wanting to talk about Bible2School, telling everyone in the family. I recommend you register your child.” With hands on science experiments using everyday items, it’s easy for children to share what they learned.

Studies show…

Both Dartmouth University and Utah State University study how programs like Bible2School affect children.  Above all, both studies found that children actually do better academically when they participate in these release time programs!  Children need to hear of their value and worth in Christ.  As a result, Bible2School helps them improve academically.