Episode 19: Mental & Spiritual Health for Children

Are you curious how mental and spiritual health go hand in hand and impact a child? Today’s guest, Michelle Nietert, has over 20 years experience as a professional counselor with children and is sharing her incredible knowledge and experiences with us!

Ready to be encouraged and learn from Michelle? Let’s go….

MICHELLE NIETERT is a professional counselor for over 20 years, well versed in equipping people to manage difficult emotions and speaks often about boundaries, self-control, anger, sadness, and stress. She leads a team of over 15 counselors as the Clinical Director and Founder of Community Counseling Associates. She has authored the book Loved and Cherished and hosts the Raising Mentally Healthy Kids podcast.

Michelle is the mom of two school-aged children and believes that parenting is one of her highest current callings. She is passionate about discipling them as well as equipping them to not only be successful in their endeavors but to also become great people of character who love God. Michelle and her husband Drew have been married for almost two decades and reside in Texas.

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