Episode 56: God’s Love Letters to Us

Striving to live for Jesus is a gift and a challenge wrapped in one – do you sometimes feel like you’re a hamster on a wheel, spinning around yet going nowhere fast?

This is how Anity Keagy, mom, grandmom and creator of JoyShop Ministries, felt until she heard the Lord speak Matthew 6:33 over her. “SEEK FIRST His Kingdom, and everything else you need will be given to you.” As she started to walk this out, she surrendered her entire life to Jesus – and discovered this verse to be the answer to abundant life!

Ready to hear Kori talk with Anita about her testimony that parallels God’s love letters to us? Let’s Go…

ANITA KEAGY founded JoyShop Ministries in 2006 with one simple mission: to inspire people to prioritize spending time with God every day through Bible reading and prayer. Since then, she has traveled nationwide and internationally, sharing her message of seeking God first each day as the key to abundant life and joy.

Anita candidly shares about her teenage pregnancy as a preacher’s daughter and the difficult choice to place her daughter for adoption. Although she never had the privilege to see or hold her child, Anita never stopped yearning to know her daughter, even as she married and had four more children. Through a file of letters and the help of her adoption agency, Anita finally met her first-born 21 years later. God used Anita’s own desire to know her child to impress upon her how much He wants to know His children-us! With that knowledge, JoyShop Ministries was born, which is now thriving and impacting lives every day!

Anita is the author of The File: A Mother and Child’s Life-Changing Reunion. Her motivational six session DVD series, Seeking God First found on RightNow Media, PureFlix, Crossflix, and Vision Video, has encouraged and challenged those who long for a deeper relationship with God. Her DVD, Letters to an Unknown Daughter is her personal testimony of motherhood, hope, and healing. Her book and DVD series, along with additional supportive materials, can be purchased on her website.

Anita lives in Washington Boro, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Paul. She is the mother of 5 adult children and 14 grandchildren. She attended Messiah College and also received training from Kay Arthur, of Precept Ministries, and Anne Graham Lotz.

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  • Matthew 6:33
  • Acts 17:22-28
  • Seeking God First DVD Series

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