Episode 127: Forgiving What You Can’t Forget

Forgiveness is a tough conversation because there are so many layers and levels to this action. Our guest, Donna Nicholson Stief, is familiar with this topic in some of the deepest ways. So as you listen to her wisdom on forgiving what you can’t forget, you can be comforted that she shares from a place of knowing and understanding. She answers the question, “How do we let someone off the hook when the rest of our lives are devastated, or we are deeply wounded?” and helps us understand the difference between looking in a mirror and peering through a window. You’ll hear how Donna went from knowing what forgiveness meant by definition, to living it out every day. 

Ready to hear how forgiveness is freedom for the forgiver? Let’s go!

DONNA NICHOLSON STIEF joined the LCBC church staff in May of 2019 as the Director of Stewardship.  She spent the previous 21 years as Chief Compliance Officer and Executive Director in the professional credit industry.  Donna serves on the Board of Directors with the Christian Stewardship Network and on Bible2School’s Human Resources Ambassador Team. At LCBC she serves with Next Steps Grief Share.  She has been attending LCBC since 1998 and lives in Lititz, Pennsylvania with her husband, Roger.  They have 3 kids: David (32), Madison (25) and Jack (16) who lives in Heaven now.  In her spare time, you’ll find her walking the outdoor trails, visiting Ocean City New Jersey (all year!) and playing with her cats Sunny Bear Elwood and Buddy Southpaw Nicholson Stief.


Hebrews 4:12 – The Holy Spirit convicts

Romans 5:8 – while we were still sinners

Matthew 6:14-15 – when we don’t forgive others

Luke 22:42-44– Jesus, sweating drops of blood in anguish, begging for another solution

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Episode #93: Stewarding Grief Well w/Our Kids II

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