Our Purpose

To make the Bible come alive to public school children through an impactful Bible elective held during their school day. We introduce kids to Jesus, grow them in their faith and connect them to the greater church community.

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Our Team

Bible2School is a non-denominational organization, with many threads of Christian churches woven into the fabric of its volunteer and staff team, aspiring to one common purpose: to reach public school kids and show them their unique value in Christ.

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Our Reach

Our goal is for every elementary school in Lancaster County to have a Bible Elective, and our impact is already being felt. Children all over the county are: hearing about God for the very first time; embracing their ultimate value, worth and purpose; and choosing to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

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quote_openWe love Bible2School’s simple approach and awesome results. It fits our life purpose of Kingdom Building by introducing unchurched children to Jesus, so we are more than honored to support its mission.quote_close

Richard & Joyce Zeigler
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