Headshot of Jocelyn Hrovath

Starting a Bible2School Program: A Mom’s Journey

Episode 61

october 4, 2022

Jocelyn Hrovath, a wife, mom, and devoted Christian, shares with us her journey through starting a Bible2School program not once but twice, and how she fully relies on God with lots of time on her knees!

Ready to hear how YOU can bring the Bible to public school children during their day? Let’s go….

JOCELYN HROVATH served as a Physical Therapist Assistant for 17 years. After her children were in elementary school, God called her to found and direct the Bible2School Laurel Highlands organization in Western PA. Here, she enjoyed coaching the volunteer teams and raising awareness in her community for children to hear Biblical truth.  She spoke at many churches and events to expand the Bible2School program to several schools.

Currently, Jocelyn volunteers her time to care for a Bible2School program offered to her daughters’ public school in Lancaster County, PA serving over 90 children.

Jocelyn lives in Millersville, Pennsylvania, with her husband,  Alan, and their three daughters.  Jocelyn enjoys serving on the Prayer Team at her church, hosting small groups in her home, and living back in Lancaster where she can connect with all of her family around the dining room table.