Encouraging Creativity with Bible Story Skits

Episode 35

March 15, 2022

Feel like you’re running out of creativity when it comes to teaching the Bible to the kids in your life? We’re here to help!

In this episode, Bible2School teacher, Jody Grasser, talks about the power of engaging children’s creativity and imagination through skits to help them remember Bible stories. Jody is passionate about God’s Word and she has some great examples of skits and props that are sure to bring the Bible to life. She also provides some excellent teaching points to help make the stories relevant and even more engaging for children.

Don’t miss this fun episode! And, be sure to check out our most recent [Bible2School At Home Resource](https://www.bible2school.com/bible2school-at-home/) that encourages your kids to find various props around the house to create a Bible skit! Feel free to take pictures or a video and share with us — we would love to see what your kids come up with!

JODY GRASSER is a life-long resident of the Johnstown PA area. She and her husband Steve have been involved in various aspects of children’s ministry since the 1980’s, at home and oversees! They have 5 adult children and 6 grandchildren, all of whom they enjoy visiting whenever possible. They also are very involved in caring for their elderly parents. Going on long walks with their dog Bo is a favorite activity each day!

Jody serves as a large group leader and a small group leader with Bible2School Laurel Highlands, in the Richland School District program. She absolutely loves seeing the children grasp the truth of God’s Word. Reinforcing how dearly God loves each child and that He will never leave them is a passion of Jody’s heart. She so appreciates the loving group of volunteers that she is blessed to serve alongside with.