Building a Meaningful Life Through Big Questions

Episode 36

March 22, 2022

This podcast episode dives into deep questions we can ask our kids to help them build a meaningful life. Scott Schimmel, President and Chief Guide of The YouSchool, has a heart for influencing young children and teenagers through asking good questions and modeling good answers. He truly believes that this is what can help kids have a relationship with Jesus that will impact the rest of their lives.

Scott outlines three pillars that we should focus on: Identity, Purpose, and Belonging. He provides examples of the questions we can ask to help encourage meaningful conversations around these values that will help shape children’s lives. You don’t want to miss this incredibly helpful episode – no matter what age your kids are! Ready to soak in some widom? Let’s go….

SCOTT SCHIMMEL is the President and Chief Guide of The YouSchool, an organization that believes every student deserves the opportunity to construct a meaningful life for themselves. He also serves as faculty for transitioning veterans from the special forces. Scott’s a speaker, writer, curriculum designer, and consultant, and has spent 20 years studying human flourishing in young adults. His new book, Critical Foundations, is now available.