What We Do

our mission

To teach the Bible to children attending public school and inspire hope, showing them their unique value in Christ.

our vision

That every public school in our nation would have a dynamic Bible program taught during the school day through the national released time law.

How it Works

Bible2School provides free elective Bible classes to elementary school children attending public school during the school day. The children walk or are bused to a nearby church or partner location where trained volunteers engage the children in lively worship and Bible stories. Children and volunteers discuss how they can apply the Bible lessons in their lives and pray together.

Program Overview

At Bible2School, we teach our children who God is and about the love and hope that Jesus provides. Bible2School’s curriculum offers children engaging lessons to help them learn Biblical truths and values, love Jesus and live out their faith.

What makes Bible2School’s curriculum different from other Bible-based curriculum?

  • The curriculum is designed for specifically for school release time programs, meaning that it is made for being taught within the time constraints of a school hour.
  • Lessons explain the Gospel message in child-friendly terms so that children without any church background can understand.
  • Every lesson’s main idea is unpacked during small group time at each child’s level of understanding so they they will have thorough understanding of the material and life application.

How is the curriculum developed?
Bible2School’s Curriculum Team is composed of members with a variety of skills, viewpoints, and denominations. We take into consideration suggestions from staff and volunteers at the front lines of implementing the curriculum and rely on sound, time honored education practices.

How is the Gospel presented?
The Gospel is presented in child friendly language

C – Confess that you have sinned and made bad choices

B – Believe that Jesus died for the forgiveness of your sins

A – Ask God to forgive your sins and ask him to be part of your life forever

What accreditations does the curriculum have?
The Bible2School curriculum has been evaluated by the standards of School Ministries Inc., the National Release Time Association, and meets all the criteria for what a release time Bible program should aim to teach at the elementary level.

How does the curriculum compliment learning in school?
Studying the Bible reinforces and builds reading, writing, memorization, research and critical thinking skills.  The lessons learned develop lifelong morals and values while building character, leadership, and relational skills.

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