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How can Bible2School help me?

We understand your time is valuable, and your heart is yearning to share the Gospel with children.  Creating a program from scratch is time consuming, expensive, and takes years to hone and develop.  When you activate a Bible2School Program, we commit to provide you with quality, time tested resources to get you up and running in months (not years!).  We will coach you through each step, such as talking to principals and raising funds.

WHAT Do i receive when i activate a Bible2School program?

  • Easy Getting Started Steps
  • Proven Curriculum
  • Customizable Bible2School Website
  • Professional Online Training/Videos
  • Live Staff Support
  • Use of Logo/Brand
  • Connection to Other Great Resources
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The Gospel explained in child friendly language


Questions and activities apply the Bible to life

Teach Truth

Our curriculum is developed and structured to be easily implemented by any Bible2School volunteer.  Lessons explain the Gospel message in child-friendly terms so that children without any church background can understand.  Every lesson’s main idea is unpacked during small group time at each child’s level of understanding.  Therefore, they will have a thorough understanding of the material and life application.  When you activate a Bible2School Program, teaching truth is easy!