Our Impact

Our impact is growing. We are reaching more and more kids in more and more schools in the Lancaster County. Our goal is that every elementary school in Lancaster County would have a Bible Elective available to kids, especially kids who are not able to attend church. On average about 54% of the kids in our program have no church affiliation.

Many kids in our programs are hearing about God for the very first time. Many are choosing to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Families of children in our program are choosing to attend church regularly. Adult volunteers are providing essential small group and individual mentoring of morals and values weekly, resulting in kids understanding the importance of making wise choices in everyday situations. Kids are embracing their ultimate value, worth, and purpose and teachers and family members are noticing the positive change in their lives.



There are 72 public elementary schools in Lancaster County, many (in orange above) of which do not currently have a Bible Elective. Our dream with your help is to fill that map with blue over the next 15 years, so that every elementary public school in Lancaster County will offer a Bible Elective. We are determined to plant even more seeds in the “fertile soil” of children.