The Need

We need 150 volunteers to serve all of our electives in Lancaster County.

Potential Impact

Through our 32 electives, we can impact 892 children.

Our Vision

Our vision is for our volunteers to build relationships with our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders that have an eternal impact in their lives.

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Make A Difference

Our Volunteer Team provides ways to build relationships with kids and to offer quality teaching and essential small group mentoring of morals and values of the Bible each week for kids. Because of generously offering your time and talent to our program, you will participate in front line Kingdom work as we see real results in planting seeds in our kids — to understand the importance of their unique value in Christ and to make wise choices in everyday situations.

Volunteer Opportunities

Below are the areas in which you can find your fit on our Team and start making a difference:

Small Group Leader

Commitment: 2 hrs/week

Enjoy kids? Hang out and build friendships with the same group of kids each week and engage them as the Bible is taught.

Large Group Teacher

Commitment: 2hrs/twice a month, plus lesson prep time

Do you have a love for teaching kids? Teach the Bible creatively, getting kids excited to learn God’s Word through creative storytelling, games, science experiments, and drama.

Little Blessings

Commitment: 2.5 hrs/week

Like to love on preschoolers? Care for the children of our volunteers while they engage the elementary students in God’s word.

On-call Team

Commitment: 2 hrs/month

Like to fill in where needed to make things happen? Be “on-call” one week a month to serve the kids doing a variety of things in the B2S program.

Ambassador Teams

Commitment: 2 – 4 hours/month

Do you like talking with people? Do you have a knack for networking with Christians and sharing the mission of B2S and inviting them to join us? Join our Fundraising, Church Partnership, or our Volunteer Recruiting efforts by putting these skills to work to expand our resources so we can reach more kids this year for Christ.