Our Goal

is to add new classes every year.

Our Vision

is to provide a Bible Elective Class for every public school that does not have one.

Children Sponsored

In 2015, over 200 children have been sponsored and we’re still counting!


Children Sponsored

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By sponsoring a child for the Bible2School program, you are ensuring that a local child in your community has access to a Bible Elective during their school day. This includes:

  • A Bible to take home
  • Curriculum and craft supplies
  • Transportation
  • A safe location
  • A dedicated team of volunteers and staff ready to serve them

It also means consistent small group leaders who mentor them each week with the morals and values of the Bible. They will learn how to pray, participate in lively worship, hear a Bible story taught creatively, and break into small groups to discuss how they can apply a Bible lesson to their own lives.

Because of your sacrificial giving, you are helping to create a safe environment where a child can ask spiritual questions that the Bible can answer …you are positively changing the trajectory of a child’s life!

Bible2School is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Be courageous with us

Make an eternal impact on a child’s life with a sponsorship.

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