What We Teach


Our Curriculum

At Bible2School, we teach our kids who God is and about the love and hope Jesus brings. Bible2School’s Join the Journey curriculum offers children engaging lessons to help them learn Biblical truths and values, love Jesus, and live out their faith. Our program engages kids with the help of our five core values:

  • Christ Centered – we offer opportunities for children to make the decision to accept Jesus as part of their life forever.
  • Age Appropriate – we gear our lessons and activities towards each grade’s developmental stage, and the children’s familiarity with Bible use increases with each grade level.
  • Relevant – we focus on values and morals based on Biblical teachings and engage the children in applying Biblical lessons to their lives.
  • Fun – we engage kids with the Bible stories through interactive storytelling, games, drama, and science experiments.
  • Safe – we create opportunities for children to ask questions and process the ideas at their own pace and level of understanding.

What makes Join the Journey different from other Bible based CURRICULUM?

  • It is designed specifically for release time programs. We understand time constraints and make every activity and question have the best impact possible.
  • Seeker friendly language is employed and the Gospel message explained in child friendly terms, so children without a church background can understand.
  • Time spent in small groups is key to unpacking the lesson’s main idea at each child’s level of understanding, teaching Bible engagement, and life application.

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