Our Team

Kori Pennypacker

Executive Director

What I like best about Bible2School is that we can reach kids with the love of Jesus whose parents are not able to take them to church. Many kids are not able to receive any information on Jesus or the Bible, or worse yet, they have misinformation. I like the way we make it easy for kids to learn about their unique value in Christ.

Stephanie Smith

Assistant Director &
Education Director

What I like best about Bible2School are the relationships that are built between our volunteers and children on a weekly basis. Our volunteers are truly the hands and feet of Jesus as they plant seeds of truth into these young lives.

Carrie Hess

Executive Administrator

What I like most about Bible2School is seeing God work through our volunteers and staff to touch the lives of children in our communities

Doug Hall

Development Representative

Wendi Aument

Craft Coordinator

B2S brings the love of Jesus to the young souls who may never have had the chance to learn of His love. It not only affects their lives, but also the lives of their family and their community.

Yvonne Cabrol

Site Director
Wickersham Elementary

I love being able to lead the Bible 2 School teams at the school two of my children attend.

Liz Epright

Site Director
Buchanan & King Elementary

It is such a joy to be able to share the love of Jesus with kids through Bible lessons in fun and memorable ways. These gateways allow us to demonstrate that Jesus loves each of us today, tomorrow and forever and that we can have confidence in this at all times in our lives.

Johanna Fisher

Area Coordinator
Price Elementary & Smoketown Elementary

What I like best about Bible2School is being able to share God’s love with these children on a weekly basis!

Marie Good

Site Director
Doe Run Elementary

What I love about Bible2School is that Bible2Sschool creates a safe place for children to know they are loved and valued.

Nikki Lotito

Site Director
Burgard Elementary

What I love about Bible2School are the volunteers and staff work so well together as a Team to make it possible for public school children to have access to the Bible and God’s Word.

Carol Rabold

Site Director
Hamilton Elementary

What I love about Bible2Sschool is the KIDS!  I love the opportunity to share Jesus with kids from all walks of life.  Seeing the excitement on the kids faces as they engage with the volunteers each week & learn more about Jesus is amazing!  Bible2School Rocks!!

Genesis Rodriguez

Carter & MacRae Site Director

I think what Bible2School is doing is awesome and exciting. Even though schools have taken God out of the curriculum, Bible2School is dedicated to sharing the gospel with the kids anyway they can. I’m glad to have the privilege to be part of that.

Board of Directors

Donna Nicholson Stief

B2S Board President
Executive Director, CCO Credit Bureau of Lancaster County, Inc

Donna is employed by the Credit Bureau of Lancaster County, Inc. as Executive Director & Chief Compliance Officer.  She began serving Bible2School in 2013 as a classroom volunteer, and moved into leadership by serving on the Board of Directors, holding positions of VP and President (current).

What she likes best about Bible2School is the privilege to introduce the love of Christ to public school children. The impact is generational, eternal and immeasurable.

Esten (Skip) Benton Leinster Jr.

B2S Board Treasurer
Retired, AT&T

Skip is retired from employment at AT&T where he was a Senior Regional Auditor.  He also served with the USAR as a Command Sergeant Major/Sergeant Major.  Skip began serving Bible2School in 2010 as a small group leader.  He continues to serve as a Little Blessings Volunteer and on the Board of Directors, where he holds the position of Treasurer.

What he likes best about Bible2School is the opportunity to positively impact the lives of children, who otherwise may never have the opportunity to learn about how God loves them, died and rose again for their salvation, and has a unique plan for their lives.

Steve Hershey

B2S Board Member

The thing that draws me to B2S is the ability to present the truth to children in the public forum. Even if those seeds do not sprout immediately, this is an opportunity to make these children more open to the gospel as adults. Many of them have no contact at all with the truth of the gospel, and for those that do come from a Christian background, this is a chance to strengthen them in the faith.

Gerald Hoover

B2S Board Member

What I like best about Bible2School is that we can teach public school students God’s Word. We can plant seeds in their lives.

Nicole Lehman

B2S interim Vice President
Associate General Council, Penn State University

My favorite things about Bible2School is that it reaches out to children who might not otherwise ever hear about the love Jesus Christ has for them. They are at an age when they MUST depend on their parents to take them to church or to teach them these wonderful truths. For many, this simply is not happening. Bible2School goes to them in their school day and fills that space.

William Wells

B2S Board Member
Teacher Assistant at Wickersham Elementary School; Local Pastor at Lighthouse Outreach Ministries

“What I love about Bible2School is that it provides me the opportunity to help win and teach students about the love of Christ.”

Ambassador Teams

Strategic Growth Team

Our Strategic Growth Team consists of talented members of our community who lend professional advice, wisdom and expertise to the overall B2S program as it relates to our strategic efforts to grow, with specific focus on the financial health of the program. These members advise B2S leaders on the program’s networking, marketing, advertising, public relations, trends, tracking success and building sustainable funding and support of the program. They meet on a regular basis and contribute to the success of our organization. These members are sold-out to our mission and seek to serve God with their talents.

Members of the Strategic Growth Team
  • Kori Pennypacker

    Bible2School Executive Director

  • Tim Barley

    Executive Director of Expansion & Development, LCBC

  • J Rodney Garber

    President, Garber Self Storage

  • Ryan Hess

    Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

  • Greg Lapp

    Co-Owner/CFO, Lapp Electrical Services, Inc.

  • Mark Tipton

    Manager, Integrated Business Communications, Spencer Advertising and Marketing

Finance Team

Our Financial Team is made up of experts in the field of finance. These professionals lend advice, wisdom and expertise to the overall Bible2School financial health and budget. They are committed to serving God well with their talents and to the success of our mission.

Members of the Finance Team
  • Kori Pennypacker

    Bible2School Executive Director

  • Randy Brandt, CPA

    Owner/Accountant, Brandt Account Services

  • Doug Byers

    Relationship Manager, Mid Penn Bank Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Area

  • Don DeHart

    Vice President, Group Manager Fulton Bank, Manheim

  • Skip Leinster

    Retired, AT&T, Bible2School Board Member

  • Scott Moyer

    Managing Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Curriculum Team

Our Curriculum Team is a diverse group of our teachers, pastors and board members. Their primary responsibility is review and revision of our curriculum as it pertains to our core values: Christ centered, age appropriate, relevant, fun and safe. The group looks to incorporate the best educational practices into each lesson so that every child in our program is engaged. The team’s passion is to plant the seeds of Biblical truths in young lives and help those truths be applied to real life.

Members of the Curriculum Team
  • Stephanie Smith

    Bible2School Assistant Director

  • Brad Allen

    Bible2School Teacher

  • Tim Heritage

    Interim Pastor

  • Erica Ringler

    Bible2School Teacher

Human Resource Team

Our Human Resources Team lends professional advice, wisdom and expertise to the overall Bible2School program as it relates to Human Resources. These experts assist with preparation of HR documents and policies necessary for Bible2School as an employer. They are centered on our mission and have a heart for serving God and making a difference in our community.

Members of the Human Resource Team
  • Stephanie Smith

    Bible2School Assistant Director

  • Donna Nicholson Stief

    Executive Director, CCO, Credit Bureau of Lancaster County, Inc, Legislative Chairman, Mid-Atlantic Collectors Association, Bible2School Board President

  • Nicole Lehman

    Associate General Counsel, Office of General Counsel, The Pennsylvania State University, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Penn State College of Medicine, Bible2School Board Vice President

  • Angela Havice

    Human Resources, Brubaker Inc.

  • Corey Voegele

    Human Resources, Quarryville Presbyterian Retirement Community

Prayer Team

Our Prayer Team exists to honor God by Iifting up B2S through prayer and intercession based on the truths of the Holy Bible. Available to pray for B2S needs between meetings, in particular, for urgent and time sensitive matters.

Members of the Prayer Team
  • Stephanie Smith

    Bible2School Assistant Director

  • Steve Hershey

    Bible2School Board Member

  • Gerald Hoover

    Bible2School Board Member

  • James Day

  • Kimberly Horst

  • Joyce Killian

  • Tina Moore

  • Scott Moyer

  • Paul & Carol Petersen

  • William Wells

    Bible2School Board Member

  • Joyce Zeigler

  • Kim Zimmerman

Administration Team

Our Administration Team assists the Bible2School staff with preparing mailings, promotional materials, and events.

Members of the Administration Team
  • Liz Epright

    Bible2School Site Director

  • Arlene Heistand

  • Caroll Pennypacker

  • Blaine E. Pennypacker

Event Team

Our Event Team develops, plans, and organizes the details of our large fundraising events.

Members of the Event Team
  • Kori Pennypacker

    Bible2School Executive Director

  • Carrie Hess

    Bible2School Executive Administrator

  • Liz Epright

    Bible2School Site Director

  • Joell Ketcham

Craft Teams

Our Craft Teams support the program volunteers by cutting, counting, and assembling all the materials needed for the children to complete crafts in our electives. Their efforts help our programs run smoothly and efficiently. Meeting monthly, these teams have fun visiting with each other while lending their skills to further the impact of Bible2School beyond our electives and into the sphere of influence our children have with their friends and families.

Members of the Craft Teams
  • Calvary Fellowship Homes Retirement Community

  • Pleasant View Retirement Home

Program Volunteers

LBC students helped build a whale for our Jonah lessons.
Our volunteers are awesome!