Our Mission

To teach the Bible to public school children (2nd, 3rd, & 4th graders) and show them their unique value in Christ.


Our Vision

To provide the opportunity for a Release Time Bible Elective class to be offered in every elementary school in our nation.


There are 72 public elementary schools in Lancaster County, many (in orange above) of which do not currently have a Bible Elective. Our dream with your help is to fill that map with blue over the next 15 years, so that every elementary public school in Lancaster County will offer a Bible Elective. We are determined to plant even more seeds in the “fertile soil” of children.


Core Values


Providing SAFETY physically, spiritually and emotionally

  • We run background checks and train our team with appropriate security measures to keep kids physically safe.
  • We provide Spiritual safety by never putting kids on the spot and letting them know that they are in a safe place to ask tough questions.
  • We require our leaders to attend their Bible2School elective every week and train them to provide an environment where kids are accepted and valued for who they are.


Pointing kids to Jesus with every Bible lesson

  • We help kids understand who Jesus is, how much He loves them, and that He has a plan and a purpose for each of their lives.


Teaching the Bible on their grade level

  • Our curriculum is written on grade level so that kids have the best advantage possible in learning the morals and values of God’s Word.


Making it real to the so they can apply it to their lives

  • We teach kids that the Bible is filled with timeless truths that are applicable today in every aspect of their lives.


Valuing each other

  • We value and disciple each other in our walk with God.


Teaching the Bible is exciting

  • We strive to make B2S the best hour of our kids’ week. We want learning about the Bible to be so much fun that they cannot wait to come back and hear more!